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Disappointing, TCR

Posted By: SheriAnn Simpson on May 31, 2015
I was extremely disappointed that TCR published this overly negative review by Anita Pandey. This type of extreme negativity has no place on TCR or any other academic online forum.

The reviewer points out what she considers "oversights" related to Redmond's (lack of) treatment of second language and culture in her book. Yet no second language teacher would need the explanations of that most basic core material of our field. This book is about Action Research and how it can improve teaching and student outcomes.

You should have had a professor of Second Language Acquisition or Second Language Ed write or contribute to this review to legitimize it. In her book, Redmond is obviously talking about pre-service teachers in a Master's program, not Ph.D. students. Action Research is not well known or used much in the L2 classroom but certainly in a program like the one described in the book, it is a good learning tool for teachers and young researchers. We end many of our programs now with a Master's Action Research project.

My background is as a former instructor and program director of Spanish I at Northwestern University, an Associate Professor of Spanish, and now as an adjunct teaching grad students in a pre-service Master's of Education at Santa Clara University in California.
Respectfully, S.A. Simpson, Ph.D.
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 Disappointing, TCR by SheriAnn Simpson on May 31, 2015
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