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Read a Post for Moderators of Language Acquisition Models and Reading Achievement for English Language Learners: The Role of Emotional Warmth and Instructional Support
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Emotional Warmth is Big

Posted By: Eva Sullivan on August 23, 2014
I teach in a large suburban high school outside of Washington DC. Most of my students are from Central America. At the end of the year, many rate me as "the best teacher I've ever had," but I often score low on the "cares about me as a person." I traveled to Central America this summer and paid attention to how people interact. What I noticed is that they stand much closer, touch more frequently and seem to have what I consider to be a communal approach to living. This year I am hoping to work on that personal touch in the classroom. Thank you for bringing emotional warmth to our attention as a tool for teaching. Great article!
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 Emotional Warmth is Big by Eva Sullivan on August 23, 2014
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