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Ruby Payne's Research

Posted By: Luann Emmes on July 21, 2012
I am a Kindergarten teacher, and have had many students pass through my classroom door from all socioeconomic classes. While reading A Framework for Understanding Poverty I could relate to a great deal of the information in the text and there was some information that I questioned, especially after reading the analysis. Lumping people that suffer from poverty into one culture confused me. I have had many families from upper and middle class that portray the behaviors stated by Payne as people from poverty. I have also had families and personal friends that have gotten out of poverty by obtaining a good job and using valuable resources provided to them. The idea that money cannot help people in poverty is not true and that there are "hidden rules" that only people in poverty have makes me laugh. My family always talks at the same time and usually there is a T.V. on somewhere. So I guess after reading the information from both Payne and your analysis I have a much better understanding of poverty over all and I intend to use the factual information to help my students achieve academic and social success!
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 Ruby Payne's Research by Luann Emmes on July 21, 2012
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