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Read a Post for Sarah Palin and the Assault on Merit
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Posted By: Allen Lambert on October 3, 2008
This strikes me as mean-spirited, petty political rhetoric.
I am no supporter of McCain-Palin (or Obama-Biden), but I take offense at this kind of superficial argument that "merit" is somehow uniquely undermined by the selection of a former mayor and governor as a VP candidate.
How about the selection of someone with no executive experience and only two years in Senate as presidential candidate?
The fact is that "merit" is hardly the basis for selection for most political candidates. Especially if by merit one means the best qualified.
Take Demo Party selection. Biden, Richardson, Dodd, Clinton, and others were much more qualified than Obama.
Was JFK the best qualified? Hardly. Was LBJ selected for "merit" as his VP? No. Eisenhower selection of Nixon? Nixon selection of Agnew? Bush1 selection of Quayle? FDR selection of Truman?
Get some perspective.

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 petty by Allen Lambert on October 3, 2008
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