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Read a Post for Change the Conditions that Make High Need Schools Hard to Staff
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Society awareness

Posted By: Elizabeth Blake on August 28, 2008
There are many memoirs that have been written, even movies, pertaining to the conditions which many teachers, especially in the inner-city, endure. It makes any sane person wonder why things aren't getting better?
I'm a certified high school science teacher, certified in chemistry and general science. I taught at-risk students in an inner-city. I absolutely loved my job and my students.
However, the stress was very high. Gangs, a riot, shootings, murdered students, abusive principals - all contributed to high-level stress that eventually drove me from teaching altogether. None of us teachers received any support from the district or principals and we had a very high turnover rate of teaching staff.
Now I write science materials for home-schoolers and teach science to home-schoolers. I am keeping up my teaching certificate in case I decide to return to the public school system someday.
My hope is that enough people will be aware of teacher's needs, and force districts and principals to support our teachers. Perhaps enough memoirs, movies, articles, etc. will get out the word.
Elizabeth Blake
"No Child Left Behind? The True Story of a Teacher's Quest" by Elizabeth Blake, on Amazon.com
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 Society awareness by Elizabeth Blake on August 28, 2008
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