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Implications for African American students

Posted By: Samantha Murray on February 21, 2002
Broadly, I am interested in the connection between high-stakes testing and African American students. I am interested in looking at the differential impact of high-stakes testing on African American students in urban schools. My take thus far is that there is relatively little direct discussion on how this policy affects this opulation. What are the justifications for the development of this policy, and why does it appear that context is ignored? Is there anything in the literature that explicitely addresses the relationship between high-stakes and African American students. I find that conversations that group all minorities is not an adequate investigation into the ways in which this testing policy affects schooling. Each minority group has its own context and relationship with schooling, society and marginalization. I welcome any thoughts, comments, suggestions to help me think about these ideas.


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 Implications for African American students by Samantha Murray on February 21, 2002
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