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Critique of critque.

Posted By: Brian Lewis on March 6, 2007
For a piont of reference, my background is BA in Ed. (Math) and M.Ed. Admin. I have taught math in grades three through H.S. Calculus, written math curriculum K-12, been a K-6 and a K-12 principal, a district director of handicapped ed. and a district superintendent. I am now back in a H.S. classroom teaching algebra in a large inner city school in a gang area and rated as one of the two best math teachers in the district. This has been over a thirty year period in ten different districts and in four states. I have also run businesses in the private sector. You know, the place where our product gets "used".

A number of years ago I was trained in FPMS as a principal. I found it to be an excellent tool to see where teachers were effective and in giving them TRUE research and ideas for improvement. As you notice, I have the word, true, in all caps. That is because I have found as a math and science person that the vast majority of educational research could never pass muster in these fields.

A true test for how good a teacher is performing is to look at what kinds of raw materials he/she has to work with, what support they are given and what the end product looks/performs like.

Flordia Performance Measurement Systems has at least done a credible job at documenting behaviors that have shown to produce good results over a wide range of "raw material" and support paramaters.

I am not surprised that two college "educational experts" can't resist taking shots at it because it "has no sense of the values inherent in teaching and misses all the joy of teaching"! These remarks have nothing to do with the outcome. I have seen many who certainly sense the values and have lots of joy but produced NOTHING that was worthy of the taxpayers donation.

Do you want to fly in an airplane that was designed, built and is being flown by people who "sense the values inherent in flying and experience the joy of flying" or do you want to fly in an airplane built by people who have built airplanes known to fly safely and piloted by pilots who have been tested and proven competent?

Educators!!! did you learn how to teach at college and/or from education gurus who are selling their latest books??? OR did you learn from those who are getting the results and it shows when their students are tested? And have you looked at how those students did later in life and talked to those students who are successful? This is what Floridia Performance Measurement Systems researchers did. That is REAL RESEARCH!!!!! Ask any science or math person about my claims on educational "research" -vs- real research.

Also, are you being evaluated on how much junk is on your wall and hanging from your ceiling?? Are they firing some teachers who have lots of that stuff??? but still they think that having all that stuff makes for good education. However, in the just the lasst few years a proffessor at on of the "best" universities in the U.S. put up a poster just to his right in the lecture hall. The day before the final he took it down. No one could answer the question on the final as to what was in that space. We boserve the same things in our classes. That stuff is noticed, however, to the extent that it distracts and hinders some students from being able to focus.

Look at all the scientific evidence (and common sense) on ADD/ADHD kids. "Educators" should be ashamed about the way they have harmed students like my grandson (a true ADHD affected kid). He tells my son, "Dad, its like the walls are screaming at me." I wish I could convince my son to take the district to court and force them to take the junk down. I have yet to see any valid research that shows the benefit of this, just the usual educational garbage they try to pass off as research.

I have been teaching algebra to parents and students in local elementary schools on Saturdays. My smartest student, by far, can't concentrate in the "borrowed" fifth grade room. When they go to the board he is never able to even start the problem because he is unable to watch and listen to me as I demonstrate it. Instead he is looking arond the room. When I can isolate him with his nose only a foot from the board he has no problem learning.

Finally, would any of you decorate your house like this???? People would make fun of you and say, "It's so busy I can't stand to sit in there to visit for more than a few minutes."

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 Critique of critque. by Brian Lewis on March 6, 2007
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