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Read a Post for Investigating the Claims in Williams v. State of California: An Unconstitutional Denial of Education's Basic Tools?
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* Undeniably Unconstitutional

Posted By: Virginia Stead on September 7, 2006
Oakes' razor sharp analysis of California's current failure to provide learning environments that respond to students' basic physical needs much less their social and intellectual needs makes a clear case for the unconstitutionality of that state's educational practice. Although legal responsibility lies with state, school district, and individual school administrations, let us work together to share the moral burden of raising California's consciousness of this atrocity and setting about eliminating the horror through the media, pressure on our elected officials, and personal activism within our own school districts.
Virginia Stead, OISE/University of Toronto, AERA J
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 Undeniably Unconstitutional by Virginia Stead on September 7, 2006  * 
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