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Read a Post for Defending Science Education Against Fundamentalist Attacks
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Posted By: Jeffrey Price on October 4, 2005
Please, if I have to read this hyperbole, let's get it straight! Science is not only the conclusions drawn from empirical data and testing. Science is the whole enchilada, so quit being hysterical about the idea of "Intelligent Design" theory. Challenge ID scientists to develop a model for hteir theory just as others have developed models for evolution. Quit philosophizing when debating the topic of scientific inquiry! Science does not fear flat earth proponents, alien abduction proponents, or even the "cosmic winds" blowing "life" to planet earth across a multi million mile breadth of hostile space. Bring them all on! Science deals in observable information, so be scientific in your onslaught against any new theory. Cease from just panicing.
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 Science by Jeffrey Price on October 4, 2005
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