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Professorial Integrity

Posted By: John Burruto on October 28, 2004
Professor Skaggs does not even attempt to hide his political dispositions behind his drive to coerce his students to register and to vote and to do so within his frame of reference of anti-war and anti-Bush statements. He exploits his professorial authority by this craven surrender of educational authority. Instead of simply encouraging his students to register and to vote their consciences, he offers a fatuous vision of students "swinging states" and therefore the national election. What is the subject Mr. Skaggs has been employed to teach (indirectly compensated by the parents of the students enrolled in his courses of study)? Let him instead write letters to the editor. Let him discharge his political angst in the service of his political party. Let him cease and desist from misusing his podium by issuing propaganda aimed at politically naive students. His arrogance is striking. Is this what the degradation of tenure has wrought?
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 Professorial Integrity by John Burruto on October 28, 2004
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