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The real meaning of No Excuses

Posted By: Mary Manke on February 20, 2004
In reading through the comments so far, I don't see people focusing on the actual purpose of NCLB and of this book. It is to tear down the public school system in our country by labeling almost all schools as failures and allowing "no excuses" for that failure. Time spent on debate about how to solve the problem of an achievement gap is irrelevant, because the intention is not to close the achievement gap but to bring us to a divided educational system that will not waste expensive education on "those who don't need it and can't benefit from it." They will receive limited training, provided by teachers developed through an apprenticeship model (alternative certification as conceived by organizations funded by the Department of Education) and using low-level, direct instruction materials like Open Court and Saxon Math. Meanwhile, the children of the rich will be able to attend private or semi-private schools that prepare them to succeed their parents. This is NOT about equity, but about planned inequity.
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 The real meaning of No Excuses by Mary Manke on February 20, 2004
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