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Read a Post for High Bark, Low Bite: A Perspective on the Possible Impact of the Supreme Court Cleveland Voucher Decision
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How welcome will the children be?

Posted By: Beatrice S. Fennimore on July 9, 2002
I appreciate the excellent analysis of this decision. In terms of the high/impact-low/impact discussion, I think another point might be made. How welcome will the children who receive vouchers be in the private school sector? In my many years of experience in urban public schools, I have seen affluent parents resist many efforts to increase equity for the children of the poor. For example, many magnet programs have been overtly or covertly designed to be selective. People often tell me "better parents" of "smarter children" "choose" the magnets. But, as Kenneth Howe might say, the "choice" is bare if it never really existed for the children with the greatest need. I hope, as we continue to research and study the impact of this decision, that we have the courage and insight to see the role that elitism and discrimination might play in the actual response of private and religious schools to the challenge of embracing some of our least advantaged children.

Thank you for the opportunity to respond.

Beatrice S. Fennimore
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 How welcome will the children be? by Beatrice S. Fennimore on July 9, 2002
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