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integrated thematic instruction

Posted By: GENEVIEVE KIRCHMAN on October 24, 2003
Sean - at first glance, when i read your question, it immediately sounded like integrated thematic instruction. what i thought was interesting was that each of the respondents had a different name for what you are doing - which might explain the difficulty in the "search". The one question I would have is what is your overarching concept - sounds like you are going on 2 tracks - italian and opposing forces. for the best impact of the integration, it would seem best to have one concept and then every subject area looks at different aspects of it. so if you want to do 17th century italy (is that when R&J took place??), you could do the arts, music, geography, religion and politics of that time. Or if the central concept is conflict, then you could take a whole different route - from personal struggles (health) to any of the wars (history) to glaciers, etc. Sounds like you have some neat ideas - just thought I'd share a perception.
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 teaching the curriculum differently by sean mcglennon on September 10, 2003
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