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tipping point

Posted By: GENEVIEVE KIRCHMAN on October 24, 2003
Bruce - i work with a drug abuse prevention coalition and i have been thinking about developing a "worksheet" to identify the essential people needed to achieve the tipping point - the connector, the maven, the saleperson, etc. - it seems that it would help people be more strategic in recognizing that we need to have all those elements if we are to achieve success. we are using it as a "study book" for our staff and need to reflect on this further before we proceed. Not sure if that is any help to you but what I found compelling about the tipping point was the identification of several key roles to really bring about behavior change. Reflecting on our own behavior change and what brought it about might be the personal connect to what was identified in the book. you can email me at kirchmang@cesa5.k12.wi.us if you have some thoughts on this or for more discussion.
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 The tipping Point by Bruce Rosenbloom on October 1, 2003
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