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Teaching Curriculum differently

Posted By: Susan Zeineth-Collins on October 23, 2003
It sounds like a concerted effort to get the school to look at teaching differently-to change the one teacher/one subject matter/no relation pedagogy. The author/speaker who came to my mind immediately was Heidi Hayes Jacobs. She is a guru on integrated curriculum and classroom/school management use to facilitate the success of integrated curriculum. Her writings give the "nuts and bolts" approach to getting everyone on board by using a more "common thread" approach. Approaching the curriculum as "literacy across the curriculum" or "Character Development across the Curriculum" might be a good starting point for those who's schools aren't exactly warm to the idea of changing their ingrained method of teaching or tweaking their curriculum.
English/Language teachers have, I believe the most flexibility for "tweaking" and working with other disciplines. Good luck on the paper. I hope some of this is useful.

Sue Zeineth-Collins
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 teaching the curriculum differently by sean mcglennon on September 10, 2003
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