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Amazon use by TCR

Posted By: Domenic Berducci on October 21, 2003
Has anyone noticed that TCR uses Amazon.com to sell at least some of the books advertised on the TCR site?

I am concerned since Amazon has been cited for denying workers rights in a few instances and has been accused, publically (Jay Leno Show, 2000) and privately by me of price gouging thru inflated postage rates.

This is relevant here since it does not seem to fit the ethics of TCR, as least as far as I understand them.

TCR may be willing to review its policy on Amazon depending on responses to this post.

Opinions from anyone?

Thank you,

Domenic Berducci
Toyama Prefectural University
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 Amazon use by TCR by Domenic Berducci on October 21, 2003
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