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On Faculty Hiring & Politics

Posted By: Pearl Polestico on September 30, 2003

It is interesting to note how politics play a vital role on faculty hiring in state universities and colleges. Even if the applicant is highly qualified for a faculty position and the Dean would block the nominattion, the poor applicant has no choice but to look for another teaching job. Take the case of a professorial lecturer who finished a PhD abroad, went home to serve his Alma Mater when his former professor became the Dean and got invited to teach in Tertiary Education. He finished the same degree as in the courses he's teaching, served 3 more Deans one after the other, but couldn't get employed as a full-time faculty or a regular faculty even if he is highly qualified. Why? Because of politicking of the Dean and some faculty members.
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 On Faculty Hiring & Politics by Pearl Polestico on September 30, 2003
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