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Posted By: David Yens on September 17, 2003
I wish I had known about study skills when I attended college - it would have made life easier - or more successful. An excellent site, targeted at medical students but with much that is relevant to all ages, is one by John Pelley, Ph.D. at Texas Tech: http://www.ttuhsc.edu/SOM/Success/default.htm
It's the best I have found. I normally provide study skills seminars for medical students (yes, they need it), but did a brief introduction for college students last week and found that only 15% had been exposed to any kind of study skills. I think it may be a major element missing from our educational system; we just assume students can figure out how to study effectively.

-- Dave
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 Metacognition and Study Skills by Jeanne Tregoning on September 3, 2003
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