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teaching the curriculum differently

Posted By: sean mcglennon on September 10, 2003
I am reasearching for a paper to be submitted for my graduate teaching qualification. I am struggling to find the correct keyword around the idea of 'integrated teaching acroos the school'
Each half-term (6 weeks or so) is led by one department on rotation. For example the English department is teaching Romeo & Juliet. So geography teaches glaciation, history does Italian explorers, art can do the Italian masters, science could do opposing forces, RE covers Catholicism.
The whole school is involved with the support staff, admin, kitchen, janitorial having an input as custodians of knowledge, Q&A sessions. Posters around the school underline the core concepts. Prizes for art work and creative stories and an on-line quiz on the theme.
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 teaching the curriculum differently by sean mcglennon on September 10, 2003
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