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SARS and the Clergy

Posted By: Pearl Polestico on September 4, 2003
Thanks for the comment. I agree with you that the priest has every right to protect himself from the SARS or any kind of communicable disease. However, I do not assume that the clergy is doing it for self interest only. Receiving Communion may vary from one culture to another. While others prefer receiving the Holy Host in the hand, some may opt for the traditional, by the mouth. It depends on the preference of the individual. In the liturgy, the faithfuls may recite the Lord's Prayer or sing it; may join hands with the person beside him or not, etc. This depends upon one's culture and tradition.
Well, at least the SARS crisis in the Pacific is over and that's something we have to thank for.

Pearl Polestico

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 The Clergy's Response to SARS by Pearl Polestico on May 5, 2003
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