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Re: Effective discussion boards in online education

Posted By: Andrew Topper on August 6, 2003
Janet (and others):

It seems there is a lot of this going around! I too just finished a 1-year study of students participation in online discussion at the graduate level and have plans to publish the results soon. I have found lots of articles that talk about various aspects of online discussion - how to facilitate it, how to identify different types of postings, etc. - but my interest is in how students learn from it. I've taken a quantitative and qualitative approach to analyzing the online discourse and then tried to connect patterns of student participation to subsequent learning. I've also got data, in the form of self-report, that indicates that students do in fact learn from participation and I think there is a need to share these results, along with the techniques used to nuture this learning, with others. I'd be glad to share my literature review with you and others if there is interest.

andrew topper
GVSU School of Education
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 Effective discussion boards in online education by Janet Smith on June 24, 2003
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