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Check training departments in corporations, also

Posted By: John Welch on July 13, 2003
Hello, Emily,

Yes, take a look into programs that work technology and "distance learning" into school and college. One place to start is at the CUNY Grad Center in Steve Brier's program on technology and teaching. I think it's called "interactive media", and offers a certificate.

But...don't forget that corporations, and especially technology corporations, have been doing this for 10 - 15 years. Beginning in the early '90's, my unit at GE chose to reduce the expense budget by reducing the face-to-face courses they gave at headquarters. Sure, they spent more money implacing technology, but...

Other companies did the same things at the same time and for the same (mostly bogus) reasons. Many of them were technology companies, and could call on serious techies to evaluate what they were offered (much bunk).


John Welch
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