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Teaching high school aged non and low readers to read

Posted By: Colleen Murray on June 5, 2003
This is never an easy thing to do in a high school. I will not claim to have answers, but I can make at least one suggestion. There is a book published by the Wisconsin State Reading Association and written by Doug Buehl that many of my colleagues in the Chicago Public Schools have found helpful. I believe the current edition is available through Amazon, but the one I have is a few years old. The strategies contained in the book are flexible and useful for content area reading. I strongly recommend this book.

Colleen Murray

Buehl, Doug. Classroom Strategies for Interactive Learning. Schofield, WI, USA: Wisconsin State Reading Association, 1995. 139p. ISBN: 1-888714-00-X (US$ 29.00)
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 Teaching high school aged non and low readers to read by R. Warren Donelan on April 15, 2003
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