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Teaching high school non and low readers to read

Posted By: Martha Murphy on May 15, 2003
We have a specialist in our agency, Mary Beth, who teaches a high school staff development program called "Every teacher a reading teacher." The program probably would not be helpful to true non-readers, but should help the low readers to be more successful with their high school work.

The program has two parts: Vocabulary Strategies and Reading for Information Strategies. Subject area teachers can teach various strategies appropriate to the curriculum materials they are using as they go along. They don't need to "pull out" low readers, since most students can profit from these strategies. Mary Beth has told me that a great many high school readers who appear to read quite actually have comprehension problems.

Taking the time to teach and review these strategies might slow things down a bit, but if students learn more in the long run, perhaps it's worthwhile.
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 Teaching high school aged non and low readers to read by R. Warren Donelan on April 15, 2003
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