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Posted By: Duane Swacker on May 14, 2003
I hope you don't feel that old in relating to a writing in the 80's. I wasn't even a teacher then, although by that time I was in my 30's. You see, I was on the 20 year undergrad program!!! I must say that teaching is the best "job" that I've ever had. Just wasn't ready for it when I was younger.
It sounds like Elbow's approach gets to the heart of education--learning-not getting a grade or credential as is too often the case these days. I try to get my students to understand that if they learn the subject matter, in my case Spanish, they don't have to worry about grades. I am interested in learning more about how to teach writing in a second language which seems more complicated than in a native language.
I think that Elbow may be right in the concept of writing and talking about writing as a means of improving one's writing. Unfortunately that does not jive with the current emphasis on "quantifying" the writing process as is seen in the "standards" movement as demanded by NCLB and state legislation.
Thanks for the info concerning Elbow's work as it will help me track it down.
Take care,
Duane E. Swacker
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 "Authentic" Assessment, Grades, and Standards by Duane Swacker on April 18, 2003
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