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Alternative Certification

Posted By: felicha arrington on April 30, 2003
Hello Ruben,

I am a teacher who is seeking alternative certification and I have had problems with supervisors/mentors at the Texas A&M university -Commerce campus. The program head person Mr.Bennett and others do not care about the students trying to get their certification the alternative way. Personally I know of two or three other students who were in the same program with me, as we approached our last class ,they found a reason/excuse to get us out of the program and will not allow us back into the program. I wonder if the state knew about some of the issues students were having with universities as they try to get certified what the result would be. I have since tried to get into other programs at other universities and they all tell me that if I already took 33 hours of a 36 hour program I need to return and I explained that I can't. The universities will only take 6 to 9 hours of my graduate level courses. I would like to know if I could find out about a program there in Austin or maybe even closer to Dallas. Also, I was told that Texas Woman's university does not have a Special Ed Secondary Certification program. I don't know where else to turn.

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 Alternative or emergency licensed teachers by Connie White on March 21, 2003
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