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Posted By: Jerry Rice on April 11, 2003
I believe you have the right idea. The vision of an organization is the collated vision of all individuals. It is like having all of the passengers watching out of the car and helping the driver. This provides a wider perspective than just the one driver's perspective. This is shared vision.

I also believe that the way we use vision today should be defined as a "dream or model" The vision of an organization is the compiled perceptions of all people in the organization, what is, what was, and what will be in the very near future, like looking down the road. No one can predict the future. but one can, especially with the help of others, have a better and clearer picture of the road ahead. However, even with high beams and 8 passengers, the driver cannot see what the city looks like when it is 20 miles ahead. They can only dream about it.
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