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Learning Organization

Posted By: Jerry Rice on April 11, 2003
I would be interested in discussing the aspects of the learning organization, especially related to education, and how the process of change, growth, and planning must be perceived differently in learning organizatins.

To me, a learning organization is one in which all participants are unitied and dedicated to the core ideologies and values of the organization, are agreed on the purpose of the organization, and are working to move the organization forward toward the shared vision. The movement is done through a constant feedback and learning process. As changes and new directions are made by a small group, these learning derived from these new activities are communicated to others in the organization, who learn from this group, and move with them, leading the organization toward growth and quality.

Change and progress in a learning organization are not linear processes, but more a fit and sizzle operation, with one group working on new concepts or ideas, communicating, retreating, and moving out again. It might be compared to a flock of starlings flying south. The group as a whole is moving toward a direction, but the movement, a chaotic set of small groups moving in and out of the main body of birds, are going in a varied set of directions all at once. This is the epitome of a learning organization. There is immediate commmunication, learning, and feedback moving across the organization constantly. The birds do not fly into each other, they do not go off in all directions, and they are dedicated to the main organization, knowing the purpose and direction that it is heading.

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 Learning Organization by hasnah abdullah on January 22, 2003
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