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Posted By: Nancy Farnan on April 7, 2003
I am a teacher educator and work primarily in the area of literacy, so I think a lot about teaching reading and writing. I talk to my teacher education students about the importance of making assessment explicit and of using assessment to determine subsequent instruction. It sounds as though you are doing several right things: having high standards for students' writing and making performance criteria explicit. A major problem we have at all levels in education is communicating with one another about expectations and developing shared criteria based on our goals and objectives. This is as important in writing as it is in any other discipline, and the need is as critical at the university as it is in the K-12 schools that occupy much of my thinking about writing instruction. Without those conversations and development of shared understanding of what's important to teach and learn, we're continually frustrated.
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 grading by peter conti on March 29, 2003
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