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on supervision

Posted By: William Hunter on April 2, 2003
Dear Lenore,

First, please forgive my typing.

I am a retired supervisor, but of secondary school, while my wife, interestingly, is a mentor of teachers. I have 20 years in asa supervisor; she probably has 10 in as a mentor.
I am currenly teachng Fellows, and observing 5 of them.

The jobs that we now do are not so different. Nor do I disagree that course work for teachers is inadequate. She was trained to give feedback in a nonthreatening manner, and to share her expertise in questioning, classroom management, lesson plan building, material selection, etc.

I had to "unlearn" making judgment calls. Runninga dept of 30 is massively different from supervising one or a few teachers.

Both of us have expertise in our subjects, a sine qua non for "qualified." Interestingly, she also supevises a teacher not in her area ofexpertise. This is a result ofthe desperation of the school. But her past expertise as a mentor will enble her to be of help. She would acknowledge tht she and the teacher woul benefit from herknowledge in the particular field. For me, that's number one.

Hope this was slightly helpful.

Bill Hunter
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