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Study Skills By: Jeanne Tregoning 4/1/2003

Posted By: Jeanne Tregoning on April 1, 2003
I will work on the syllabus this summer and will post it or can use snail mail.

Even though I used different resources, Walter Pauk's book, "How to Study in College" (excuse no underscoring), has good information.

I would like to see the materials your reading specialist uses for her program for teachers. I appreciate networking and hearing about new ideas.

The class period and student mentors, I agree, is a great idea for incorporation of organizational skills. Also, with the "Standards" and test taking, if the students learn how to get the material from their short-term to long-term memory, they will have a lot of information from which to "review" and not "cram" for tests. Then, using the metacognitive skills, I believe that students begin to enjoy learning and will become lifelong learners.

Thanks much,

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