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Alternative licensed teachers

Posted By: Martha Murphy on April 1, 2003
Quite a few of the vocational teachers we work with in southern Oregon are licensed through a instructor appraisal committee process. A committee of people knowledgeable of education, the technology, and the instructor are assembled. The instructor provides evidence of training and ability to teach. One of the duties of the committee, if the license is approved, is to recommend a three-year professional development plan. If the instructor has completed the PD plan at the end of 3 years, with successful teaching during that period, he or she can receive a 5-year standard teaching license with an endorsement to teach in the vocational area.

The PD plan may require the instructor to pursue either an associate's degree, a baccalaureate degree, or teacher training. Many of these folks are excellent and creative teachers. Some of the subject areas taught are auto technology, metals fabrication, journalism, photography, graphic arts, video production, and architectural drafting. As this month's feature article reports, many of them do a good job of mentoring students who don't plan to attend a four-year college.
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 Alternative or emergency licensed teachers by Connie White on March 21, 2003
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