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Study Skills

Posted By: Jeanne Tregoning on March 27, 2003

I concur with your paragraph on study skills/tutorial....

With taking at least 21 days to establish a habit, using homework to practice is needed. Also, checking on the time management grid daily would get the students into an awareness mode.

When studying a chapter or a handout, my college students could not thank me enough for teaching them to use marginal reminders to derive questions. Then, the questions and answers were written using the divided-page method. Approximately 88% of those questions were on the test. Two nights before the test were used for reviewing and not cramming. Also, I did teach the Cornell Method of Note Taking. Not only did the students appreciate the organized notes for studying and using the notes for in-depth research, when they did not understand a concept, they took the organized notes to their instructor.

Finally, the students would say that study skills were touched upon in middle school, however, the skills were never put into practice. Basic study skills could begin even in the earlier grades.
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