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Parents in the loop when students move into middle school/high school

Posted By: Deborah Davis on March 11, 2003
I coordinate a project in middle schools that is designed to keep parents involved at the middle school level. Our "Parent Outreach Organizers" focus on activities with feeder elementary schools such as giving tours of the middle school, holding community dinners at the m.s. and linking incoming families with those who already attend. Sorry, we haven't conducted research on the effectiveness of this approach but parents report feeling better informed and more at ease about the school. Additionally, we have had some success with holding events at the middle school in the spring focusing on transitioning to h.s. Speakers have included local experts in adolescent behaviors and the discipline v.p. from the h.s. The focus is really on how to supervise and guide kids as they go off to h.s. and on ways parents can and should continue to be involved (parents on site during lunch hours, supervision at dances, providing input on course selection and appropriate limits). We base our work on the developmental asset framework and Epstein et.al.'s work--re: communication and parent involvement in schooling.
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 Student Transitions into the Middle School and High School by Joan Meidl on February 16, 2003
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