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Student Transitions

Posted By: Martha Murphy on February 27, 2003
A high school in my region is using a 9th grade "Connections" course to orient students to high school. I did some teaching in one section of the course last year. The current year is the 3rd year of the course. We have been trying to plan a project to do some pre & post testing of the students with the Career Development Inventory to study effects, but so far no funding for the testing.

The course is one semester long, and it takes about 8 sections to handle all the 9th graders. Several teachers teach sections of the course, using the same curriculum, which is built around self awareness and career awareness. For example, some of the Academic Innovations Choices curriculum is used. Students do a variety of self awareness inventories. They learn about the vocational programs available at the school, Tech Prep/ 2+2 course credit, the student clubs and leadership activities, what colleges require for admissions, and so on. They learn to use the school library and computer labs. They work in teams a lot so they can get to know each other well.

I can put you in touch with the coordinator if you are interested.

I think it would be great to follow up the course with a by a study skills/ tutorial type course for any 9th grader who scored significantly low on the 8th grade standards assessment or who fails a class first semester. 11th and 12th graders interested in human resources careers could do their internships as tutors or learning team leaders in this course, and provide role models for the younger students. Students could bring their homework from other classes to the course and get specific help as well as learn study and time management strategies. Well, I can dream, can't I?
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 Student Transitions into the Middle School and High School by Joan Meidl on February 16, 2003
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