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Training & Morale

Posted By: Ann Snider on February 27, 2003
Statistics show that training employees gets positive results; turnover drops,
morale improves, and productivity and profitability go up.

In a study by the American Management Association, of those companies that
increased training budgets (any type of training), 80% reported a jump in
profits after one year and 70% reported increased productivity. The numbers
were 46% and 41%, respectively, for those that kept their training budgets the

You gain the competitive advantage.

Given the small percentage of companies that offer training and the positive
long-term results training offers, training can be a competitive advantage for
your company.

This ASTD survey, done in 1996, shows the percentages of companies
purchasing various types of training.

Professional Skills - 19%
Customer Service - 6%
Enabling Skills? - 6%
Sales - 6%
Technical - 30%

Employees want to become more marketable. Set yourself apart from other
organizations by helping your employees to improve their skills. You will
attract more productive employees and they will be more inclined to stay (so
long as you put their new found skills to use!)

It can be a serious concern that the money spent on training will be lost if the employee
quits. But when you consider that training improves morale, reduces turnover, and improves
the quality of the products or services you offer statistically, training is a good investment.
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 Training & Morale by Carla Morgan on February 9, 2003
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