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Bias in Culture, Socio-Economic does not have to be Money But Opportunity as Well

Posted By: Deborah Harrell-Hogan on February 24, 2003
Your professor may desire you to review previous literature studies now surfacing since the University of Michigan challenge on Affirmative Action points for admission assessments. The entrance exams are not user friendly for most minorities and most have totally rejected the Bi-Ethnic/Multi-Ethnic student. There are no questions that directly address heritage validation of these people. (SEE ascd.org) I just complete this chapter within my Dissertation document. Most of these persons walking around in America today, have the knowledge that their births were illegal, miscengation laws. (See Teaching Tolerance.org)

Thus entrance admission application packages have cover letters that pertain to "desire to attend" at said university. NPR Public Radio, recently aired a show on the entrance exam packet and admissions. (See NPR.org November, around Thanksgiving. I travel to Chicago for Thanksgiving. This is why I remember this so well.) The Admission Officers can tell, by reading the letters, if the student candidate actually authored the letter within the first few minutes of reading a cover letter. The University of Michigan may weight the desire to attend, cultural diversity and student performance, a University Option to select. Any selection process must have a criteria. Professors choose Universities and some are recruited by need and preference, but a rubric or criteria, despite the liken of persons rejected. Everything is not pen and pencil.

It is a fact that cultural diversity creates a cohesive environment for learning, improved work habitant, and WORLD PEACE. Given the timely date of the assignment, Worldwide Black History Month, perhaps, your professor may want you to review related factors that effect student performance in a cultural setting circa 1960, 1970, 1980 post desegregation but not implementation of the Civil Rights Movement. Miscengation laws prohibited heritage validation and the very existence of some significant minorities in this country, who feared their lives and wives for literally being of one or more bloodlines or cultures.

There are several substantiated factors that directly effect cultural bias. Household Income, State Programs Criteria, GPA's, for the economically disadvantaged, Disabled (another minority culture within itself: See Gallaudet University), and the ever growing Slavic/Albanian populations increasing and rising in the Midwest. Here's a start in case you can't get to a phone. I'm on a student budget myself.
Debbie Harrell- Hogan
(sorry about the typo's SMILE)
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 Effects of Socioeconomic Status (SES) and Cultural Background on Standardized Testing Results by Carol Watts on February 5, 2003
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