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Teaching is a personal ministry

Posted By: Pearl Polestico on February 24, 2003
Dear Ma. Teresa,

Encouraging the youth to take up teaching is very promising since the present situation calls for more dedicated and persevering knowledge givers to nurture the countless young minds who definitely will become the future leaders. Teaching may not be a lucrative profession but the satisfaction one can gets is uncomparable. As a noble profession, it calls for highly dedicated people whose desire to share knowledge in the classroom is a priority. It involves enhancement of skills and competencies of the teacher to meet the holistic development of a learner. Thus, I view teaching as a personal ministry. It is a personal ministry in the sense that one must totally give himself to the perspective that teaching is an endless task for others for the good of entire humanity, in short, it entails self-sacrifice. Afterall the best teacher who came in this world didn't have any classroom, who traveled from one place to another to teach others up to the point of being scorned, Jesus of Nazareth. Good luck to you!

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 encouraging the youth to take teaching profession by Ma.Teresa Clarete on February 16, 2003
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