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SES influences test results!

Posted By: Anitra Lykke on February 24, 2003
Hi Carol
There is of course a lot you can read about the influence of social background on test-results. I strongly recommend Jean Anyons articles and books, for example her article "Social class and school knowledge" in Curriculum enquiry, vol 11 no. 1, 1981.

You might like reading articles or books by Ruqaiya Hasan
Basil Bernsteins early and most recent books as well: the "Class, codes and control"-series, "Theoretical studies towards a sociology of language,(1971) and "Pedagogy, symbolic control and identity" (1996).

Good luck.

Sincerely Anitra Lykke, Assistant Professor in Pedagogy, Norway
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 Effects of Socioeconomic Status (SES) and Cultural Background on Standardized Testing Results by Carol Watts on February 5, 2003
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