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SES and CB on Standardized Testing Results

Posted By: Pearl Polestico on February 16, 2003
I really want to help you in your article sharing. However, I have returned the materials already to my graduate students after I have corrected the said course requirement. In fact, some of them have graduated already and are no longer visible in the campus. As far as my memory is concerned, here are some of the highlights of their findings:

1. Rowena Racelis. (2000). The relationship of socioeconomic status and cultural background on Culture Fair Intelligence Test. A Seminar Paper in Edco 203: Psychological Testing, College of Education, University of the Philippines. (A. High school students coming from the upper and middle socioeconomic status performed better than the lower socioeconomic status in CFIT. B. High school students coming from the private and exclusive schools performed better than those in the public/government schools. C. High school students studying in the metropolis performed better than those in the rural areas.)

2. Paulette Ciuco. (2000). Gender, socioeconomic status and cultural background of college students on CFIT Performance. (A.Males performed better than females in the CFIT. B. College students belonging to the middle class performed better than the upper class. C. College students coming from the minority group of communities have been found to be performing very low in the CFIT.)

These are the only things I can recall in their findings. If by chance I can find their contact numbers or e-mail, I will send it to you.
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 Effects of Socioeconomic Status (SES) and Cultural Background on Standardized Testing Results by Carol Watts on February 5, 2003
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