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Posted By: Eliot Larson on January 22, 2003
As a middle school principal I have always found this topic to be particularly difficult to discuss with my faculty and parents because it is so emotionally charged, and distracting. I have come to the conclusion that student achievement is less a function of being in/on? the right track and has more to do with a teacher's expectations not only for his/her students, but also the expectations they hold for themselves. This is the only way I can make sense of the "debate" between heterogeneous v. homogeneous grouping where the data varies so widely. I also feel uncomfortable with the "science" of sorting where teachers are so certain that a student is a level __?___ student versus another student who is definitely a level __??___ student. The criteria teachers apply to make these judgements usually seem to be very limited.
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 Tracking....good or bad? by Christina Rhoades on November 24, 2002
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