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problems with "technology education"

Posted By: Hector Vila on January 8, 2003
I, for one, see the term "technology education" meaning "education ABOUT technology," rather then technology used for educational purposes--but this is my own preference.

Historically, the term used is "educational technology," meaning the technology used in or for education; publications that speak to this subject accept this term.

Nevertheless, there are a host of issues and concerns about "technology" IN education: how do we gain technology literacy? what is "information fluency," frequently linked to technology? is the technology we're using and developing--in some circles--specific to education, for education, or are we co-opting this technology for our classrooms, our students? And so on...

In fact, I was just with a professor of elementary education and he was speaking about "the pedagogy of wireless technology": what category does this fall under, I wonder?


Hector Vila, PhD
Associate Director
Center for Educational Technology
Middlebury College, VT
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