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The Next H.L.Menkin!

Posted By: Doug Soderstrom, Ph.D. on December 15, 2002
WOW!--------------------- Who is this guy, anyway? This fellow can really write. If anyone knows this young man,tell him to contact us for we need him as a writer to be on our full time staff. He writes as if he "were a God in disguise!" His words are like "dew drops of truth-like manna falling upon an earth hit with a tidalwave of ignorance."

If I were to say more,I am sure that I would embarrass this fine young writer. Therefore, I will forgo any further praise of this young man whose time "has definitely come."

Sera, sera ,and sera!-------------- And by the way, why hasn't anyone else in the world read my article other than me? So if you do by chance happen to read my article, please do send me an e-mail so I can know that someone else has graced me with the wonderful privilege of actually having been read.

This will help me to feel better about myself!

Thank you so very much,

Doug Soderstrom,Ph.D.
or at my other e-mail address: foostradamus@thecomingworldwar.com
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 If Teachers "Were Congressman:" A Satire by Doug Soderstrom, Ph.D. on February 14, 2002
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