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Cost of Board

Posted By: Ranae Beyerlein on November 30, 2002
Interesting topic. I don't have any definitive answers for you, but more questions. I'd be interested in knowing what you have discovered in your research. I'm teaching in a district that has 2 high schools, 3 middle schools and 7 elemetary schools. The board members get paid a nominal fee for each meeting. There are seven board members and I believe the pay is in the area of $25 or $30 per meeting. They generally meet officially two or three times per month.

Those would be the "direct costs." The district purchased a television outfit, and I believe pays people to video the meetings, which are broadcast. There are other indirect costs because of the studies generated as a result of the district policies as advocated by the board. I would suspect the board's expenses are funded for travelling to conferences, and visiting other sites.

Our district's budget is public information. You could find out what amount of the district's 80 some million dollar budget is allocated for our board's direct use. I'm sure with the FOIA, you could find out the information from any public school. I'm not sure if you could find out the same for private schools.
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