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At risk program

Posted By: sarah raymond on November 14, 2002
NEwaygo Michigan has a program for at risk youth as well as youth already in the court system. It is called the Synergy Program . It is an adventure based program for boys and girls that have not been succesful in the traditional school setting. The program requires family commitment. The program is run through the school system but also supported through grants.
The program inludes daily school work and social skills which are learned and reinforced through backpaking, canoeing,ropes courses, climbing walls, community projects and family sessions.

IF communities are interested in impacting the lives of youth, programs like this should be implemented. WE have found several youth in this program are unable to read at 15 ( no documented learning disabilities) . We have found that these youth can learn math through building houses, history adn conflict resolution during canoeing and leadership and decision making skills while on backpacking trips, trust, goal setting , and community through a ropes course and climbing wall activity.
Transition back to the regular school system is the problem. These youth have a hands on learning style. Most schools have auditory or visual teaching styles. I believe that this is a issue that is often over looked.
Another thing I believe is that these youth do not care about a grade because there is no immediate reinforcement for the grade at home ( parents are often not home until 7:00 pm ) . These kids need immediate rewrads from the school : extra time at recess, flag football for ten minuets, something that can engage them.

This concept does not work for all, but it helps some. Isn't that what its all about.
sarah Raymond : Ferris State University
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