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Posted By: Allan Young on November 2, 2002
Thanks for responding to me. The defintion that I am using in my study for preservice is "Students who are in training to become a teacher, this group includes Bachelors, Masters and those who returned to school to be trained as teachers" essentially, I am using a very broad definition not just students who are doing the four year program. The students however must be in a teacher licensure program

I sent you an email maybe you did not get this but the nature of the email was that my advisor is requesting a letter of commitment from you or the instructor that will help me to carry out the survey. The email could be sent to ayoung@faculty.atl.devry.edu.

Thanks very much,

Don't worry about meeting the timeframe, I believe that everything will be set back a little, what I don't want to do, is conduct a survey at thanks giving most people will be too busy.
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