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Read a Post for When We Go Back, We Canít Go Back: A Graduate Studentís Perspective on Higher Education After the Pandemic
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When we do go back, we need to remember overacomeable obstacles...

Posted By: Jack Cole on December 17, 2021
in the platforms we use. When Hyman Rickover, "father of the nuclear navy," would take posession of a new submarine, he required that the executives of the manufacturing companie(s) take a ride with him. Once underway, he would cause the sub to dive to its crush depth as an object lesson to the execs. I expect that much reflection took place....

Whatever online platform we use -- could be redesigned with teahers and learners in mind. They tend to follow the rubrics of "good screen design" and "good aesthetics," but are nearly impossible to use gracefully from either the teacher's or learner's perspective. Screen geography is wasted, navigation is crude and clunky, macros are nearly non-existent.

When we do go back -- we need to tell our purchasers to choose better and more functional learning management systems and instructional platforms. We could do a whole lot better with this than we have done to date. A well-done system should go through shake-out trials for a couple of semesters with attuned learners and instructors, and then be redesigned in the light of what they find. If their recommendations can't be implemented, find or make better development languages or better developers.
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 When we do go back, we need to remember overacomeable obstacles... by Jack Cole on December 17, 2021
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