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Action Research and assessment based instruction

Posted By: Maria May on October 1, 2002
Hi Eric,
I'm a doctoral student in Curriculum and Literacy at Fordham University and we have been discussing the topic of
how to approach the subject of students who are failing to attain literacy standards. In Jim's response to your question he brought up the point of what the students "know" from their home culture that helps or hurt int he culture of a classroom. I think that beside skill-based assements such as DRA, QRI, and standardized test, we need to come up with some ways to know students beliefs about and experience with literacy in order to explicitly aculturate them into the literacy parcices of the classroom. Whereas many of us feel that is we train the parents to do it differently, it will change the outcomes of the school, doing so is extremely difficult, leaving the child still out of the loop when it comes to ways of thinking about learning. I find some of the information in Kucer, S. (2001) Dimensions of Learning. Mahwah,NJ: Laurence Earlbaum Associates helpful in determining all of the parameters that need to be assessed in Literacy.
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 Action Research and assessment based instruction by Eric Malashchuk on September 10, 2002
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