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Re: Re: Re: Phonics Flawed Mary DeFalco

Posted By: John Donohue on August 23, 2020
Short answer for the moment:

Really. You really want to go to the "failure" of Reid Lyon etc.

I deliberately did not venture into the results of Marie Clay's project -- it is so easy to expose, it could be seen as cruel to examine it. So, really: do you want to go there?

You evaded my question to you:

My side [Systematic Phonics First, all in with no fudging, as a sine qua non] also champions the Rich Elements of Reading that you list, to the max. All we fight for is to not deprive the child the joy of attaining this one skill, which if imparted correctly and at the correct sensitive moment, is easy, fun, and quickly attained, setting the mind up for a lifetime of rich literacy and independence. Why do you fight so hard to destroy this?
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 Phonics Flawed Mary DeFalco by Anthony DeFalco on August 22, 2020
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