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Re: Re: Phonics Flawed Mary DeFalco

Posted By: Anthony DeFalco on August 23, 2020
John Donohue’s response to Mary DeFalco’s posting of 8/ 23/20

John, I can only smile when I see how you twisted my response. I made no mention of Whole Language, Phonics First, or LookAnd Say. Furthermore, you stated that “NonPhonics Constructivist strategy.” I don’t know what you are talking about. Constructivism is a philosophy not a program.You evidently assumed I was talking of those failed programs. You made no mention of Marie Clay’s philosophy and how its implementation was proven a great success. You even insert names and associations which were incorrect. You started to quote me when you said, “ the teaching of (You inserted Whole Language) reading went into a tail spin.” No where did I mention Whole Language. That program is long gone. The teaching of reading went into a tail spin with the CC Standards imposition. They were written by business men not educators. The educators were in the Advisory Committee which the businessmen did not consult when they formatted the CCSS.

Let us retrack and find out when our reading program was derailed.
Dr. Reid Lyon was a key adviser on the federal Reading First program under President Bush. Dr. Reid Lyon developed the program anchored in the phonetic approach. However, a 11/19/08 study revealed that after spending $ 6 billion on Reading First -a phonic program, it was found to be an incomplete program. His program did not help develop the skill of comprehension. The presidential advisor, Dr. Reid Lyon maneuvered the situation to lock out programs anchored in the Constructivist approach such as Reading Recovery, an internationally acclaimed program. Reading Recovery has a phenomenal track record of success in decoding and comprehension. Literacy Collaborative and the Arkansas Literacy Intervention programs have applied the philosophy and methodology in teaching groups of students, with phenomenal success.

(FYI I label the Reading Recovery program as a Constructivist - interactive approach.)

Marie Clay's program was denied consideration by administration because of Dr. Reid.

“Reading Recovery has a proven successful track record that the Bush connections refused to fund so their own son' Neil Bush's business Reading First would not have competition. ..”
Reid Lyon was an advisor to Bush and believer in phonics and made that method the cornerstone of Bush’s reading initiative because Reading First was owned by President Bush’ brother..

“Texas- ReadingFirst Program owned by President Bush’s Brother Neil Bush is a Fraud Scam.”

Reading First advocated a ‘systematic, explicit, intensive, sequential phonics instruction’ and ‘direct instruction (pre-teaching) of vocabulary to promote reading comprehension.’ His program was profoundly flawed and contradicted by researchers.

John, I never said that phonics/decoding was unnecessary. Reread my definition of reading: engaging in the three-prong cueing system: graphophonics, semantics (background knowledge: experiences, conceptual understandings), and syntax (understanding of the grammatical relationships within a sentence patterns.) Graphophonics includes pictures and phonics.

“Familiar words can be read as fast as single letters. Under some conditions, words can be identified when the separate letters cannot be. Meaningful context speeds word identification. All phonics can be expected to do is help children get approximate pronunciations.” Becoming a Nation of Readers p. 11
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 Phonics Flawed Mary DeFalco by Anthony DeFalco on August 22, 2020
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